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A Love Letter

To my dearest friends and families,

In honor of Letter Writing Day, I am taking this time to share my thoughts and reflections. Of course, the true meaning and purpose of Letter Writing Day is not lost on me. I should take pen to paper and share both words and my personal touch, not tap out my message on the keyboard of a laptop. I simply did not want to pick and choose which of you that I wrote to and run the risk of missing anyone. I think of you often, a thought that was important for me to share with you.

You have been my strength for 39 ½ years. You have tested and challenged me. You have been persuasive and alluring. You have been good for me and bad for me and exactly what I need in the very moment that you passed through my life. You have blessed me with opportunities when I was ready for them and denied me when my want did not coincide with my need. You loved me. You rejected me. You feared me. You embraced me. You held my hand when I was a child, gave me guidance, and protected me. You clung to me for safety and security when your vulnerability took over and you needed someone on whom to lean. You were my adversary and my advocate. All of it, all of you, has gotten me here.

Here is a movable place because the evolution is never-ending. When the growing and learning have ended, when all is known, then that is the end. It is my sincerest of hopes that such a day is a long way off. Without doubt there is so much more; so much more deep-bellied laughter, heart-wrenching tears, victory, defeat, love, and loss. Certainly my passion-filled life has many twists and turns that lie ahead.

While Here is a movable place, I pause to reflect on where I am and how you helped to get me here. I pause to enjoy the moment, to revel in the faith that you must have in me to trust me with such valuable gifts as Here and Now. I honor and soak up every moment and miniscule piece that composes Here and devour it in all of its delicious glory. There is nothing as sweet as Here, except maybe the hope and possibility of tomorrow. And so, I savor it and you.

Thank you, my love, for the times that you caused me to stumble and the times that you chose to light and clear my path. Thank you for courage, creativity, equality, integrity, respect, and social justice – and for knowing and demonstrating their value.

Thank you for getting me here. I love you all, for the totality of the journey thus far and all that is yet to come.

Ifeoma Aduba
Executive Director

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