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Second Chances

The first week of December is National Tolerance Week.  As I thought about what that meant to me, second chances came to mind.

As a new volunteer at A Woman’s Place (AWP) and fresh out of Direct Service Training, I thought about all of the people I’ve met so far.  Whether they were survivors, staff members or other volunteers – one thing that we all seem to have in common, are second chances.

The opportunity to maximize those second chances is everywhere I look –and I am reminded often, especially when I catch myself in the mirror, of how lucky I am.  I, like many others my age, have had lots of life experiences – some as a result of good choices – and others, well, not so much.  How we choose to deal with these opportunities is the key.  And, our chance of personal success is so much greater if we are fortunate enough to have supportive people around us.

I am filled with gratitude at my second chance in life.  I have a loving husband and daughter and now a supportive, challenging and nurturing volunteer/work environment.  During this next week, I challenge you to give yourself a second chance along with those around you, and when you catch yourself in the mirror…smile!

Barbara Chumbley
AWP Volunteer

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