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The Spirit of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving causes us to pause and ponder all the blessings for which we are thankful. The love of family and friends is often at the top of the list. This year we may choose to focus on the compassion of a larger community. My family and I have many to be thankful for:

  • the Tennessee linemen who restored our power
  • the neighbor we barely know or see who gave us the key to her home if we wished to do laundry or shower
  • my son’s friend who transported his generator back and forth between his powerless home to our large freezer and saved all the food
  • the temporarily unavailable voice mails from friends around the world to ask if we were safe
  • the gift of a luxuriously hot shower after too many days of none
  • unrequested hot soup delivered to a cold stomach.

Those are just several examples of the abundance of love and generosity which just our family alone experienced. We are thankful for the people we hear about that are providing this and more to the thousands who are suffering far worse than we were due to the recent storms.

We are also thankful for the right to vote and the diversity of this country. We are blessed with many cultures, faiths, and ethnic groups. This enriches each and every one of us and allows us to share in the dream of a society which is able to live and work together in and for peace and joy. We are thankful that as Americans we have more than enough to share. We are thankful for the ability to recognize who and how we may serve and the wisdom to do that with love and compassion.

May we never become so self-centered that we fail to recognize the humanity of others.

Karen L. Aduba

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