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Election Day is November 6th. Tomorrow.  The last few months I have done my best to encourage as many of my fellow Lock Haven University students to vote as I could.  I challenged them to understand their beliefs and vote for them, and I am still eager to open their eyes to the ethical standards in which I believe the people of our country should follow.  There are just a few hours left before we go to the polls to vote for our future.

In the most recent presidential debate, one of the candidates told the country that the primary reason gun violence exists is because of single parent households.  His solution: Bring an end to the trend of divorce and raise children in a traditional home.  Really? Well, if you read Instyle magazine he is right. Their list of fall 2012 trends: colorful tights, deep nail polish, and divorce. The false perception that parents become single parents because they choose to make their life that way needs to stop. There are many reasons for divorce, most are not easy ones. Do we want to raise our children in homes where the parents are clearly not meant to be together? The ethical thing to do is show children that we do have choices, and that neither choice is more right than the other. I am a daughter of a single parent home. I do not own a gun, or even support guns in any home. The Columbine incident, which is still referenced as one of the most disturbing massacres in our history, is the fault of two teenage boys, both from traditional households. The bottom line is that there is no one demographic that is more responsible for gun violence than the other. Not in a world filled with mental illness, high crime in many of our cities, and gun violence all over television. Who can we really blame? Should we blame the single mother who works two jobs and still finds a way to attend all of her child’s soccer games? My mother, a single-mother, taught me when I was young never to point fingers at people.  Our candidates could learn a lesson from her.

Writing this blog series on voting has given me the chance to educate myself, and others on the issues. I have become passionate about being able to vote for someone who will run this country, and I believe, lead us in the most ethical ways. I will be writing one final blog next Sunday and by then we will have our president. So. Tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day we exercise our constitutional right to vote.  Tomorrow we decide what direction the future of our country will take. Tomorrow YOUR vote counts.

Kelsey McMeans, AWP Intern and Passionate Voter

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