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It shouldn’t be a struggle

The election is just a couple of days away and I’ve made no secret how strongly I feel about one of the candidates healthcare plan. However, as I reflected on my first blog post for this voting series I realized that I praised the upcoming benefits that women will get, if they have health insurance, not realizing that many do not have it.

Last night while I was at work, a co-worker and fellow student of mine, Amanda Edwards, 23, made me realize this is a harsh reality for some. She is in her senior year of college, spends half of her day in the local elementary school furthering her training on teaching special education students and the other half in her final classes for graduation. Each day, around 5 p.m., after she is done teaching and taking her classes she goes to work helping to coordinate the Lock Haven Phonathon. Talk about drive!  But the one thing missing that she really needs? Health insurance. I just assumed she had it. It never dawned on me that there are full time college students trying to get an education, while working to fund their education, who don’t have health insurance.  When someone asks, “Why doesn’t she just pay for it?” I think, “Is that all she has to do? Full time student, with two part time jobs, pays for her textbooks and living expenses, and then would have a hefty health insurance premium too. No problem.”

There are are so many things I am still becoming educated on that effect my political views, and of course, effect who I will be voting for in this years election. As you prepare to vote please remember to think not only about the economy and job growth, both very important, but also about all of the Americans who are struggling and can not afford healthcare.

As I approached various fellow students to encourage them to vote, they fell into two categories, students who are passionate about their majors, who had no problem deciding who they would vote for, and others who were reluctant to share what they believe in so they can apply it to who they would vote for.  I just hope that changes in time for them to vote. Spreading the passion to vote is still needed, and I will continue my quest to encourage and inspire as many as I can before…Tuesday!

Kelsey McMeans, AWP Intern and Excited Voter

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