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Why should you wear purple?

The purple ribbon is to bring awareness to domestic violence.

October is domestic violence awareness and prevention month.  The color purple has been adopted by the domestic violence cause as the color to remind everyone that domestic violence exists on a daily basis and  the silence must be ended.

Domestic violence affects more people than breast cancer. 1 in 3 people will be in a domestic violent relationship in their life time. Let’s say you have 100 people, 1/3 is 33. Each one of them will tell two friends about it and will be deeply involved in the emotional turmoil of dealing with their friend going through this experience = now we’re at 99 people. Each person will have at least one parent and will tell them, and they will be deeply involved as well – now we’re at atleast 122. That means 122 people out of 100 people will be affected….crazy! 1.5 million people are abused per year. 3 million are immediately affected by domestic violence.

We must bring awareness to this disease that is plaguing our society or it will end up destroying more and more people in its wake. Domestic violence stays with kids the rest of their life, and it is the #1 leading cause of animal deaths and cruelty.

By wearing purple, you bring awareness to the cause, the problem, and when you speak out we are that must closer to ending this violence.

(Posted October 14, 2012 by hermanchad on WordPress.)

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