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The World is Ours: International Youth Day

The United Nations has declared today to be International Youth Day.  The theme: “Building a Better World: Partnering With the Youth”.  The hope of the United Nations: for those in the older generation to develop and engage in partnerships with the youth of the world in order to build a better world.

Makes sense, considering the youth — my generation — will be the future government representatives, diplomats, businessmen/women, scientists, artists, etc.  In the future it will be us who will create new technology, make new laws, protect the rights of citizens, educate the future generations, declare war and make peace.  The youth have already taken steps for the future of their countries and for the world, for example the struggle of the Arab Spring was fought mostly by the youth and is still being fought — unfortunately with many lives being lost.

We will do great things, but we will also make mistakes, as all generations do.  The best way that we can be prepared for the future is through education.  The older generations must teach us what they can and hope that we will make the best decisions and make only small mistakes.  Then, we will have to hope that my generation, and those that come after us, will do what we can to bring humanity forward. 

International Youth Day is a call to action by the United Nations.  It is a day to recognize that the future of the world is in the hands of the youth, and that all generations must work together for a better world.  The older generations must be willing to teach, and my generation must be willing to learn and to take the reigns when they have an idea. 

We are the future leaders of the world.  Let’s partner with all generations to take care of it for generations to come.  The world is ours — everyone’s — so let’s take care of it. 

Shannon Cook, AWP Intern

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