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Call to Action!

Call to Action – Funding Safe Communities

Bucks County needs your help! Details released by the House Republicans of their proposed State Budget for FY 2011-2012 reveal significant cuts, including a 10% cut to domestic violence services funding. Amidst such financial strain, it is understandable that messages and motivations become unclear. So, to be clear, A Woman’s Place is not fighting budget cuts. A Woman’s Place is building a transformative revolution to enhance safety within our shared Bucks County community. Call your legislators today to remind them of this.

Between FY2001-2002 and FY2010-2011, combined state and federal funding has only increased a mere 0.17%. Just $37,207 over the past nine years. Proposed cuts would take funding for domestic violence services and enhanced safety back more than a decade to the FY1998-1999 level. This one page chart illustrates the history of Funding for Domestic Violence Services in Pennsylvania.

Community benefit organizations like A Woman’s Place are more than just volunteers doing some good for a few people in need. Beyond providing services, a 2006 report released by the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies indicated that community benefit organizations employ more than 10% of the American workforce and contribute nearly $322 billion in wages to the economy.

The proposed cuts put our communities at risk – not only in terms of the provision of services but also in terms of employment at a time when individuals and families continue to struggle from the effects of a devastating economic recession.

Call your legislators today. Let them know that community benefit organizations like A Woman’s Place are a value to our shared community and that value must be demonstrated with a balanced approach to crafting a budget.

This Action Alert from the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence paints the picture of the future of the Commonwealth if a balanced approach is not the order of the day. Take action today!



House Republicans today released the details of their proposed State Budget for FY 2011 – 2012. Significant cuts are made in most state appropriation lines in DPW and Health, including a 10% cut to Domestic Violence (DV) Services funding (Act 44). Cuts were also made to rape crisis, disabilities, and housing services, to name a few.

This proposal devastates the already fraying human service system, especially the services women need. Each service sector relies on multiple state funding streams to keep community supports available for the most vulnerable Pennsylvanians.

The House Republicans proposal for DV services takes funding back to 1998 levels!  House Republicans said they would only cut programs that were not productive or necessary. Tell that to the more than 92,000 battered women and children who find safety each year in Pennsylvania’s domestic violence programs!

DV related homicides are up 48%. Programs are currently bombarded with victims with increased needs exacerbated by the recession and a shortage of community resources.

Two shelters had to close during the 2009 100-day budget delay. Loss of stimulus funding has just closed the domestic violence shelter in Bedford County until at least the end of June. Imagine the service eliminations that will happen with a 10% annualized CUT!

Call your legislators now! Visit www.legis.state.pa.us and enter your zip code under Address and Who’s My Legislator.

  • Insist that our funding be restored to at least the Governor’s proposal. The House proposal reaches well beyond the Auditor General’s fraud and abuse findings and treats EVERY service in DPW the same as the ONE that AG Wagner audited.
  • EVERYONE also call House and Senate Leadership: Senators Scarnati, Corman, Pileggi, Browne, Costa, A. Williams, Hughes and Representatives Smith, Turzai, Adolph, Dermody, Hanna, Markosek.

Visit your legislators next week when they are home!  They need to hear from you!

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