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AWP 2010 Annual Meeting


Executive Director, Donna Byrne and Board of Director, Lisa Compton

 Our annual meeting was held on May 11th at the Buxmont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Church in Warrington.   The evening began with a tasty Taco Buffet for the voting membership and guests. 

First up on the agenda was Board of Directors President, Lisa Compton who spoke about the accomplishments during her term.   

Next, Donna Byrne, Executive Director spoke to the group about change and challenges ahead.  

Then Sarah James, Counseling Director,  read her poignant and moving poem that brought home exactly why our mission is so important.   

Counseling Director, Sarah James reads her poem..."So they ask"

 So they ask by Sarah James, A Woman’s Place, Counseling Director 

“He said, “Your hair must be long”……I said “is that so I look beautiful for you”?  

“Is that because I look sexier for you”? Yes, Yes that is why.  I just like long hair.  

So they ask, why is your hair so short is now?  I cannot answer them without the sadness behind my hair.  

 Do you like short hair?  Yes it is easier to take care of and less likely someone will grab me from behind by the hair and throw me into the wall.  It is less likely someone will pull my hair until they get want they want.  It is less likely that I will be called a whore, because I have long blond hair.  

How short will you cut it?  I would/will be bald to be safe.  

When did you start cutting your hair?   When I got away.  At first it was just an experimental haircut…but it turned out to be more, something was falling from me.  

Maybe I was cutting away the anguish, the fear, the constant heartache.  

These feeling are below me now, I feel lighter.” 

Guest Speaker, Tam St. Claire

  The guest speaker for the evening was Tam St. Claire.  A  former A Woman’s Place Board of Directors President and current chair of the Health Care Subcommittee for the Bucks County Women’s Advocacy Coalition that is composed of 32 Bucks County organizations.  Tam shared what the coalition’s purpose is and how important it is that so many groups have joined together for the common goal. 

Controller Karen Schoeller and Associate Director Ifeoma Aduba speak of Excellence

Controller Karen Schoeller and Associate Director spoke about their participation in the Standards of Excellence inititive and Karen passed out special pins for everyone.

Annual Awards and Honors presentations followed.  Donna Byrne handed out gifts for the 5, 10, 15 and 20 year employees.  Volunteer of the Year award went to Hotline Volunteer Rita Mullowney.   Jacqueline  LaPorta was awarded Staff Member of the Year and Associate Director Ifeoma Aduba was given the honor of Leadership Employee of the Year. 

The business portion of the evening included: Nominations to the Board, By-Law changes, ballot vote, recognition of departing 2009 Board Members and welcoming of new Board of Directors President, Kristin Ortlieb-Potts.   Kristin spoke briefly before the meeting was adjourned. 

New Board of Directors President, Kristin Ortlieb-Potts

 Voting membership is open to any person, regardless of race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, disability or national origin, upon payment of the annual dues and completion of the 45 hour direct service volunteer training, the 6 hour indirect service volunteer training, or the 6 hour designated Board of Director training.  Annual membership dues are $10.00. 

All materials are available for download on our Web site at www.awomansplace.org/about_us.htm.  If you are unable to access it on the Internet or would like a packet mailed to you please contact Jenny Salisbury at 215.343.9241 x 108 or jsalisbuyr@awomansplace.org.

More photos can be seen by clicking on the More Photos under AWP Photos on right side of the blog.

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