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The Courage to Be Well

I clicked my way through Facebook this morning. I caught up on the latest news of all my closest friends. I “Liked” a few statuses. I even commented. I was an excellent friend. I was quick and efficient and didn’t even have to talk to anyone.

Maybe later I’ll go back on Facebook and post something about celebrating Social Wellness Month.

July is Social Wellness Month. What’s social wellness, you ask? It’s our ability to interact with people. It’s developing and building healthy and meaningful relationships. It’s having a caring and supportive network around you. The website for Definition of Wellness will tell you that, on your journey to social wellness, you’ll discover your power and courage to make choices that enhance your personal relationships, your community, and ultimately, the world.

Social wellness is actively getting outside of you and contributing to the community.

Social wellness is living harmoniously with others, free from isolation and building supportive networks.

Social wellness is… well, it’s more than just clicking “Like” on Facebook.

Finding the courage to develop relationships is no small achievement. And in today’s hustle and bustle, relationships are time-consuming… and not always a priority. Today’s To Do list includes: grant report, grant application, donor visit, write website text, take car for oil change, grocery shop… oh, and connect with someone. By the time I get to that item on the list, I’m tired and don’t have much left to give.

Sue Patton Thoele offers this timely reminder in The Woman’s Book of Courage.

Relationships are a woman’s lifeblood. We feel most alive when connected to family, friends, community, and the world at large.

Sure, but life interferes. And life isn’t easy. And sometimes, when you do make the time and the effort, the pursuit of social wellness comes back to bite you because the quest for connection found you someone less than worthy of your time and energy. Trick is – social wellness is about healthy relationships. Remember these words from Thoele:

Healthy relationships are mutually supportive – each member giving and receiving, respecting and being respected…. When we have the courage to protect, touch, and greet ourselves and each other with love, our lives will be illumined by the light of rewarding relationships.

If you are looking for some inspiration, check out www.MatchThisGirl.com. This brave soul has embraced the adventure of Match.com – 50 dates during her 6-month subscription – and is sharing her stories with the rest of us. Talk about courage.

So get courageous and embrace the adventure of wellness. Just don’t settle for less than healthy. Oh – and post it on Facebook so I can “Like” it!

Ifeoma Aduba, AWP Director of Public Advocacy

Courage:A Woman’s Place acts bravely and boldly, notwithstanding fear.*
*excerpt from the Values Statement of A Woman’s Place

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