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You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Go ahead and scream today, because it is officially National Ice Cream Day.  That’s right, a day dedicated to ice cream.  And, well, who doesn’t love ice cream really?

Ice cream is one of those dessert staples- I mean you can have it by itself or on top of a piece of pie, alongside some birthday cake, blended into a milkshake, or even as an accent for that special day…

If you don’t opt for dessert, you could always have ice cream as a main course or for lunch, say maybe on a sandwich…

Because who doesn’t love sandwiches, either?  And the two together, well now you’re talking.

Perhaps though, I am a bit biased because to be perfectly honest, I love food.  All of it pretty much.  The whole Education and Training department loves food actually, so much so, that we find our EAT acronym overwhelmingly appropriate.  It even became a joke that our office is practically a vending machine, although all the food is free for the taking… (guess you could call it the non-profit version?)

Anyway, back to ice cream.  I was really thinking about it and as a culture we love ice cream so much that we surround ourselves by it.  Look, there’s the ice cream man!  Driving the ice cream truck! On the way to the ice cream social! But beware of those ice cream monsters… !

(This one’s for Jenny)

Maybe you’re more the academic type and would prefer to study it at, you guessed it, Ice Cream University. Sometimes people’s love for ice cream is so strong, they want to be it…

(Just look at that smile)

And, don’t worry there’s one of those for junior too…

In a dark room? Perhaps you could illuminate it with these ice cream lights…

Mom’s birthday?  Make sure to pick her up some ice cream flowers…

Or at least

…some ice cream balloons.

Okay, that’s a lot of ice cream stuff.  I could go on, but at the risk of making this blog into an e-book, I’m going to stop there.  Though, before you run off to go get some ice cream (at least that’s what I’m doing in a minute here), I do want to mention how you can help end domestic violence.  I know, I know, I totally just threw that in there about the domestic violence bit.  Not a fun topic.  Kind of came out of left field after all that ice cream talk, but the thing is I couldn’t go through this entire blog without giving the issue some degree of attention.  Because if there’s anything I love more than ice cream (and other foods), it’s ending domestic violence.  So however you choose to celebrate this day of creamed ice, I ask that you please take some time to peruse the rest of our website if you haven’t already.  Tell your friends about the many Volunteer Opportunities we have available.  Make the teens in your life aware of the summer hours for our Chat Line.  Sign up your little ones for our upcoming Peace Works Camp– and if they’re lucky, they might just be served some ice cream too.

Nicole Rinier, Community Educator

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