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Good for You

“We are indeed much more than what we eat,
but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than we are.”
~ Adelle Davis

It’s National Women’s Health Week and one of the ways of staying healthy is to eat “right”. It seems we are always on the “fast track” these days. Food, and meals in particular, seem to take a “back seat” to the rest of our “to do” list. When you consider that food is our fuel, and is what gives us our energy, we should definitely pay more attention to it.


My husband is the cook in our home and he believes that the ambiance surrounding the food/meal is just as important as the preparation. We eat by candlelight at dinner each night, which signifies to us that we are sharing something special.

Mason Jar Salad

Recently I discovered a new social media called,”Pinterest“. It is a sort of “virtual vision board”. I use it to “pin” (save to my account) ideas and recipes I want to try or share.  It’s much easier/better than printing  them out.  In my search to find a fast and easy way to make a nutricious breakfast and lunch for the work week, I found an interesting concept which uses Mason Jars. I have been doing them for a few weeks now and love that I can make everything ahead, that they are healthy and I don’t have to deal with making breakfast and lunch every day during the week.  (Click here for breakfast and here for lunch in a Mason Jar websites to get the recipes.)

A good balance of quick and tasty foods for breakfast and lunch, with relaxed and delicious meals for dinner, makes me feel I have the best of both worlds.

Bon Appetit,

Jacalyn A. Hartzell, AWP Development Assistant

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