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The Best “Job”

I was raised in the 50’s, by a warm, loving, Martha Stewart-ish mother, who was also a bit unconventional. She believed in celebrating little and big things, in little and big ways.  She gave gifts when you least expected them, not necessarily on a birthday or holiday, but when it was needed most or when she found something that was perfect for the recipient, choosing not to wait to give it to them.

We always had a garden in our back yard that supplied most of our fruits and vegetables. They were canned and frozen and turned into wonderful meals for our family of 7.  All our beds were covered with patchwork quilts she made on her Singer sewing machine, along with our clothes for school. Crocheted afghans were draped on our couch to use while watching TV, and her knitted sweaters, scarfs and mittens kept us warm in the winter.  All these things, and more she made with love, love for her family.  She’s been gone eighteen years now and I still miss her.

Two of the three most happiest days in my life were when my two children were born. There is nothing that means more to me than spending time with them.  I love hearing their laughter, I enjoy listening to their stories and I cherish every moment. They are adults now but I tell them they will always be my “babies”.  My guess is most Mother’s probably feel the same.

I think it is nice to have a day dedicated to honoring Mother’s, but honestly I think every day is special to a Mom.

Jacalyn A. Hartzell
AWP Development Assistant

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