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Global Youth Service Day is really…3 days+

Global Youth Service Day is an annual campaign that celebrates and mobilizes the millions of children and youth who improve their communities each day of the year through service and service-learning.”

Global Youth Service Day(s) was this past weekend and in keeping with its spirit I suggest we all give back. Give back to the community and those who could truly use our help.  Start close to home and work your way out. This is the way many successful leaders have made an impact on their community and eventually their world.

A community is united in some way or another. You may not know your community personally.  You may not speak to your neighbors on a regular basis, or perhaps you don’t even know some of their names. But as people, we all look out for the best interest of ourselves and our family and friends. We all want to live in a safe community that offers a stable and inviting living environment for everyone. You don’t have to know names, professions or backgrounds.  You don’t need to know what kind of car they drive, where they are from or where they have been to realize that humans are human and community safety is an innate want and need.

Global Youth Service Day is an extraordinary reminder of the power that youth has on our country, as well as our world.

I recently watched an Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Reruns or not, the impressive amount of youth impact that is displayed on that show makes people realize that whether you are 9, 19, 29, 49, 69, it doesn’t matter.  Age is only a number. It’s not the amount of years you are, but about the amount of care, love, compassion and dedication you have in your heart.

For youth, this weekend was a time to shine. Let’s not let this be the end of it. Global Youth Service Day(s) should be the start of a positive habit to engage community involvement. Don’t think that your age is a guiding factor for success. Your contributions and thoughts mean something.

In Bucks County there are various organizations that can use your help to volunteer. The United Way of Buck County, acts as a great resource to help locate opportunities for volunteering.  You can also sign up to volunteer at a A Woman’s Place (AWP) by clicking here to fill out the Teen Volunteer application.

Now let’s think beyond the self-satisfaction of volunteering.

What about future benefits for you as youth?

Volunteering builds relationships with a diverse range of people. That not only builds upon communication skills, but also acts as future references for college and jobs. Both look highly at volunteering. Volunteering shows you are self-motivated; a trait which is admired in all professions.

Start thinking of any possible way to give back, small or large. You never know how you can change or impact someone else’s life and maybe even your own.

Information on Global Youth Service Day can be found at here. Check out the website and see the impact that youth has had in over 100 countries on six continents throughout the world.  Watch stories of previous and current volunteers and find out what you can do to contribute. Get Involved and Give Back.

Brittney Nowak, AWP Intern

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