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Ellen Pence – Scholar, Activist, Leader and…

Ellen Pence was born in 1948, Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a scholar and a social  activist. A leader in both the battered  women’s movement and the field of  institutional ethnography, she is the recipient of numerous awards including the 2008 Society for the Study of Social Problems Dorothy E. Smith Scholar Activist Award for significant contributions in a career of activist research. She has been active in institutional change work for battered women since 1975, and helped found the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project in 1980. She is credited with creating the Duluth Model of intervention in domestic violence cases, Coordinated Community Response (CCR), which uses an interagency collaborative approach involving police, probation, courts and human services in response to domestic abuse. The primary goal of CCR is to protect victims from ongoing abuse. Pence received her PhD in Sociology from the University of Toronto in 1996. Her focus has been on legislative efforts, legal reform projects, shelter and advocacy program development, and training programs for judges, probation officers, law enforcement officers, and human service providers. She is the author of several educational manuals and curricula for classes for battered women, men who batter, and law enforcement officers, and has co-authored two books: Educational Groups for Men Who Batter: The Duluth Model and Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence: Lessons from the Duluth Model.

Ellen Pence’s vision of a world where violence against women is not tolerated was the force that transformed the police and court system in Minnesota 40 years ago from one that turned its back on women to a model that directed its scrutiny and powerful control mechanisms to violent batterers. Ellen’s work inspired a revolution in thinking about womens’ fundamental human right to be free from violence that has had a ripple effect around the world. Ellen’s “Duluth Model” of Coordinated Community Response engages community agencies and the justice system in making women and children’s safety a top priority and is changing policy and practice far beyond Minnesota borders. It is used in 50 states and 17 countries. More recently, she has spearheaded “The Blueprint for Safety,” which she characterizes as “the Duluth Model on steroids.” St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington believes that the model can cut homicide rates by a third or more. *

Ellen Pence – a Scholar, Activist, Leader and … Visionary

To hear and see Ellen’s latest interview click on this link Ellen’s DV Video

*Wikipedia and The Advocates for Human Rights website

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