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Resolve Conflicts Peacefully

In today’s post for Youth Violence Prevention Week, we emphasize resolving conflict peacefully. Instead of violent outbursts, this day teaches to prevent “violence by enabling young people to deal with conflict in a productive way. By teaching kids how to manage their conflicts, they will learn how to de-escalate potentially violent situations before they get out of control.”

Conflict arises constantly. How you deal with and manage the conflict can make all the difference and keep a small argument from escalating to a severe problem. Dealing with conflict is similar to promoting respect. Listening and reacting accordingly is important. Here are some other tips to resolving conflict quickly and peacefully:

  • Take a chance to understand the other side’s point of view. The other person will just become increasingly angry if they feel you are not listening. Take the time to listen and show that you are taking the steps to resolving the conflict peacefully.
  • If you are wrong, admit it! No one really likes to be wrong, but the fact is we can be. If you realize that you have made a mistake, overreacted, or were wrong in the way you dealt with a situation, admit to it and apologize. By doing so, you are also gaining respect from the other individual for your honesty.
  • Be calm and let the other person have their outburst. Often anger gets the best of people, and they end up saying things they do not necessarily mean. Remaining calm allows you to gather your thoughts and grasp a hold of what you intend to say, rather than vicious impulsive statements that can hurt someone.

Brittney Nowak
AWP Intern

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