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Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures


“It’s a girl!”

Shirley Chisholm stated that those three words declared by a doctor after a baby is born, begins “the emotional, sexual and psychological stereotyping of females.”  Starting from birth, it is a struggle for women to obtain equality in our society.  And although there are many areas in which women are still oppressed, we have come a far way.

In light of International Women’s Day, we at A Woman’s Place, have decided to take part in the Third Annual Blog for International Women’s Day and take this opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of women and promote a positive future for young girls and women.

It’s important to discuss women’s achievements and make them visible to our next generation.  This month we will be reflecting upon various women to acknowledge their contributions made to society.

We also want to hear from you…

What women inspire you? Do you look up to? Are you thankful for?

Let us know.  As noted before, your voice has power and is key to the discussion.  By working together to further women’s empowerment we can create a world, like Lois Alter Mark mentions, where an International Women’s Day would no longer be necessary.

Nicole Rinier
AWP Community Educator

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