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Maya Angelou’s “Some Kind of love, Some Say”

“Some Kind of love, Some Say”
“is it true the ribs can tell
The kick of a beast from a
Lover’s fist?  The bruised
Bones recorded well
The sudden shock, the
Hard impact.  Then swollen lids,
Sorry eyes, spoke not
Of lost romance, but hurt.
Hate often is confused.  Its
Limits are in zones beyond itself.  And
Sadists will not learn that
Love, by nature, exacts a pain
Unequalled on the rack.”
Poem by Maya Angelou
What do you think about this poem?   So often such abuse, violence and rape is couched as love, described as caring to try to lessen the harsh reality of power and control dynamics.  Do you have poems you would like to share?  Do any of our readers write about their experiences through prose or poetry?  We’d like to read them and possibly share them with others.  Please send them to: jhartzell@awomansplace.org

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