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“Hopeaholics” Unite

“A Voice for the Rights of Women Who Had No Voice”

Think of an influential woman, famous or not. Think of a woman who has made an impact on others. Think of a woman who persevered for the best interests of others; someone who dedicates their time and intelligence to help others progress in the world today.

For me, that woman would be my grandmother. Through her actions and manner, she instilled me with dedication, perseverance, responsibility, and etiquette. She was a nurse and cared for others on a daily basis, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally though her compassionate heart and patient understanding. She proved to me that one person really can make a difference in many lives.

You want to talk about power, perseverance, engagement, and motivation?

Let’s look at a woman greatly overlooked for her service and dedication to woman’s rights.  Let’s look at Ms. Gloria Steinem.

I chose the term “hopeaholics” because that is what Gloria Steinman is, a hopeaholic. The general definition of hope is “the belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one’s life.” She is addicted to maintaining hope in her life and believes that it is the driving force of achieving change in the world today.

Gloria Steinem is truly a revolutionary force for woman’s rights in the 21st century. Her name, without a doubt, will go down in history on the list of great woman’s rights activists.

Steinem has contributed greatly to our society today, and many do not even know her name. Her actions have impacted various debatable topics to which she strongly voiced her opinion and backed each word with facts. She speaks with eloquence, confidence, and with a passion that cannot be overlooked.

Gloria is a motivational force in the advancement of women and the progress that we have made since she began fighting for woman’s equality and rights is astounding. Once there was a time where you did not see a woman CEO. You did not see a woman running for president. There was the time that woman were not seen as capable of being leaders, but rather as homemakers. Laundry, cooking, baking, and taking care of the children was the role as a woman. Not anymore.

Now we are leaders. Every woman has the capability to succeed just as much as any man and nothing should make them feel otherwise. Do not let intimidation get in the way of your beliefs, your passion, and your desire to express yourself.

There have been many women who have contributed to woman’s rights. They all fought because they believed in equality among men and women.  Aside of being an astounding speaker and political force, Steinem is passionate on all issues of equality, non-violent conflict resolution and exposure to abuse and how it potentially creates a cycle of abuse.

In an interview with Steinem, she was asked, “What do you think are the biggest challenges the world faces today and why?” She responds, “The biggest short-term challenge is violence. Our first normalizers of violence are gender roles that convince us that dominance and submission are normal, and that allow child abuse and any violence within the family. If we raised even one generation of children without violence, we have no idea what might be possible.” (http://www.populationmedia.org/who/interviews/gloria-steinem/)

Gloria Steinem knows that eradicating all violence in every person is impossible. It will never happen, but that never leads her to believe that all hope is lost. Making one person change their violent ways is a start, a new beginning for not only the individual, but those whom they interact with. Putting her trust in hope is the way Gloria Steinem has maintained her success in feminism, as well an activist for so many worthy causes. Her actions will never go unnoticed and the work she continues to do can only add to the long list of accomplishments she has achieved for herself and the millions of other women’s lives she has impacted.

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