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AWP Bar-B-Que

On Friday, many of the staff of A Woman’s Place gathered at the home of our Counseling Director Sarah James, her daughter, Dawn Scott and Granddaughter, Education and Training Director Sarah Scott.   Their beautiful home with a sprawling backyard was the perfect setting for our afternoon.  The Bar-B-Que was held to honor a 100% participation in United Way Giving.  A wonderful gesture by this very dedicated group.

Our Host's - 3 Generations with Beautiful Smiles!!

Our wonderful Bar-B-Que setting

We enjoyed sitting and relaxing on the expansive deck overlooking the yard and pool area.  The tables had large umbrellas to shade us from the sun.  We lucked out with the weather not being as humid or as hot as it had been the last few weeks in our area.  There was lot’s of conversation and laughter around the tables.   A much-needed and well deserved break from the very serious and challenging work the organization faces on a daily basis.  A delicious meal and an appreciative group equalled a great day.

A Wonderful Day Together

Thank you, Sarah and Dawn for being such gracious hosts and sharing your amazing home with us!!!

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