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Reflections of a Summer Intern

My internship here at A Woman’s Place gave me great experience working toward a
future career. It helped me to expand my options when thinking about my future. I knew I
wanted to work for a nonprofit and although unsure exactly what I wanted to do within one, I
decided to work alongside the development team. This was one of the best ways I think anyone
could learn and see this organization from a holistic view. I was able to talk to and see what all
the programs did within this agency. I am very fortunate to be given this experience to learn and
to be a part of this great work environment. The people here have really showed me what it looks
like to be passionate and how to translate that into work you do.

I was able to work on a couple of things within the development office. I listened and
helped with grant writing and ideas, researching core curriculum for a grant. I went along with
event planning and fundraising, and also got familiar with Raiser’s Edge [fundraising database] to put in donations. One of my favorite projects was doing interviews on employees in this agency. I really loved taking the time to talk with the many employees and learn about their program and interests. Throughout these interviews I was able to grasp many ideas, problems, people and community
efforts that go into running an organization like this. One of my goals through this project was to
connect the employees on an internal level. I feel I accomplished this by showing how passionate
every single person is who works for AWP. They each said “this program is the heart of this
organization” this specifically shows how everyone that works here takes pride and passion in
their work. Everyone’s goal is to help people in their community live in a safe place. I loved
writing up everyone’s interviews and being able to compare what was similar and different about
all the programs. After interning here I definitely believe this is the type of work I want to do
someday. Whether domestic violence or another human rights organization I want to make a
difference in this world just like the people here at AWP.

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