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Teacher Appreciation.

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, it can be easy to overlook the importance of showing our community’s teachers and educators the appreciation and gratitude they deserve for everything they do for our children.

As part of The Prevention Project, I am fortunate enough to meet and collaborate with many of Bucks County’s finest educators. The dedication, support, and patience our teachers show day in and day out is truly awe inspiring. From the elementary school level, all the way up through the high school level and beyond, the true caring nature and willingness to go the extra mile for our county’s students is not only evident, it is palpable.

A Woman’s Place has the pleasure of working with several educators who are just as passionate about supporting domestic violence prevention as we are. Chris Hastie (Wellness/Fitness) from Palisades High School, and Michelle Hynoski (Health/Athletics) from Pennsbury High School are two teachers who always participate in the classroom conversations, and enjoy engaging the students along with our educators.

In addition, AWP is lucky to partner with teachers that take the initiative, and encourage younger students to have a community/volunteer mindset. Laura Belser from Tawanka Elementary School helped organize a second grade “Sock Hop”, in which the students brought in socks to donate directly to our shelter. The outcome was OUTSTANDING, and the kids enjoyed a fun Q and A with one of our community educators. It was heartwarming to see such excitement from the Tawanka second graders!

Throughout May, students, parents, schools, and districts across the country will be working hard to show teachers just how appreciated and important they are. There will be luncheons, parties, and card making projects abound.

As parents, we can also encourage our children to express their gratitude through at-home art projects, cards, or handwritten notes. I know that a drawing or a hand written note from one of my children can change my mood or brighten my day instantly. Why not encourage our kids to do the same for their teachers at school?

I think we may be surprised to find that like parents, our teachers may just have a special folder or binder to keep these special handmade cards and notes safe. And just like parents, our teachers may just open that folder on a particularly tough or overwhelming day (even months or years from now), just to brighten their mood, make them smile, and remind them that their hard work is, very much appreciated.

Janelle Kerns,

Community Educator

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