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Reflections of Light

Midwinter brings the longest nights of the year. We respond, both traditionally and instinctively, by adding extra lights in our homes that comfort and cheer us, and help keep the darkness at bay. In the quieter moments of our holidays, if we pause to tune into nature’s rhythms, we may also enjoy a period of rest and reflection.

Thanks to your generous support in so many ways, 2015 was a busy and successful year at A Woman’s Place (AWP), full of fun firsts and memorable milestones:

  • AWP’s shelter received a much-needed renovation, courtesy of Chocolate Lovers’ Fantasy donors, Jules Thin Crust, and Fred Beans
  • 6,941 school children received prevention education to help break the cycle of violence, a 58% increase from the year before!
  • Chocolate Lovers’ Fantasy celebrated a sweet 20th anniversary at Bucks County Community College, while our first ever Coach Bag Bingo was a successful evening of fun, friends, and frantic bingo! The Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event was a great opportunity for men to join in on the conversation around domestic violence, all while staying upright in high heels!
  • And of course, our Annual Breakfast & Community Recognition Ceremony brought us together to recognize those who work so tirelessly on AWP’s behalf.
  • 7,185 bed nights were provided to women and children at risk of harm, a 41% increase!
  • AWP’s Race to Empower partnered with Buckingham Friends School and the 5K became a trail run on its beautiful Lahaska campus
  • The Empowerment Project, launched in 2014, brought 15 informative and inspiring programs to 174 participants via 374 presentations and conversations
  • Repairs were made by the county to AWP’s administrative office to prevent pipes from freezing, an old dirt & gravel driveway was paved, and lights were installed in our parking lot
  • 13,923 supportive counseling hours were provided to AWP clients, 10% more than last year
  • In Full Swing had a record number of satisfied customers visit its new Doylestown location (100% of thrift store purchases support AWP’s mission to empower women and end intimate and domestic violence for all)

Still, we remain focused on the vision of a society where all are safe in their relationships and take heart in the simple things… such as this holiday greeting card received from a client:

All of the Angels at A Woman’s Place,

May joy, happiness & peace surround you this holiday season and always. Happy holidays to you all!

I will always be grateful for the love and guidance I received from everyone at A Woman’s Place. I have a peace of mind I’m not sure I would have ever had without you! Thank you! Many blessings to everyone!



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