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Take a Moment to Look Up

“Only in the darkness can we see the stars”
–Martin Luther King, Jr.

As the holiday season falls upon us we will likely focus more on getting things done than appreciating the spirit of the season.  My calendar is already full with deadlines, reminders and activities color coded in the hope that I remember everything.  I did not remember to reserve a time for reflection, however, but I think the universe was aware of this…

The past several months have been hurried with an endless amount of to-do’s and a lot of change.  In short, it’s been chaotic.  I needed family time to regroup.

My husband and I took our two daughters on a short weekend getaway with our sister, niece and nephews.  We played board games, ate a beautiful turkey, talked and laughed.  I laughed so hard my stomach hurt!  We all have lives that are less than perfect, difficult in fact, but the stress of our individual lives melted away as we came together as a family.

On our drive home my husband and I were quiet, as our heads filled again with lists of chores.  But during a long stretch of road a star shone so bright that we both looked up as it raced across the sky and burned out.  I rarely see shooting stars so I took a moment to reflect before I made my wish.

I realized that I have everything thing that I need; healthy and happy daughters, a loving husband and a family that is supportive, caring and can make me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts.  My only wish was that each of us, in our individual lives, could find peace in our hearts, minds and souls.

This holiday season remember to take a moment to look up at the stars; find a way to value the simple things you may have.  Take time to express your gratitude to those around you that make it possible to persevere during the difficult times.

I am grateful for a family, far from perfect, but all mine.

Erin Pirog
AWP Volunteer

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