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Health Cares About Domestic Violence Day

Domestic violence is a serious issue that is unfortunately prevalent throughout the world. As a way to continue the fight against this form of abuse, the organization known as FUTURES has sponsored Health Cares About Domestic Violence Day (HCADV). This nationally recognized day takes place on the second Wednesday of October (this year on October 14) and was created in order to educate those in the healthcare community about the importance of screening for domestic violence. Every year, many hospitals place business cards for domestic violence organizations in their waiting rooms, organize training sessions for staff, and post information on social media with the aim of fighting the battle against domestic violence.

This day truly strikes me as significant because in addition to being part of the Young Adult Advisory Board for A Woman’s Place (AWP), I also volunteer at Doylestown Hospital. I can not count the number of times I have seen AWP cards reaching out to those suffering from verbal or physical abuse displayed throughout the hospital. Peeking out from beside business cards, stored inside the stalls of bathrooms, handed out in the waiting rooms, AWP truly seems to support all those in need wherever they go. It warms my heart that AWP is there. In addition, those needing help are likely to stumble upon these small advertisements in unsuspected locations, a hospital being one of the most effective.

Every week when I go to Doylestown Hospital, I transport many patients to their respective destinations. Sometimes a part of their unique tale sticks with me as I go about my day. One woman I met had been planning to spend the summer in Paris with her husband for their 50th anniversary. Unfortunately, a month before the trip, her husband passed away from arrhythmia, a condition in which the heart beats in an irregular rhythm. Nothing in the world could breathe consciousness back into her treasured partner, and the pain was plainly written across this courageous woman’s face.

To prevent others from suffering the devastating pain of losing a loved one, promoting the mission of AWP could save thousands of people and allow lives to continue seamlessly onward. So, this HCADV Day, make it a point to be a change maker. Reach out to your community, engage with local organizations on social media, and work to end the violence before it starts!

AWP Teen Volunteer

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