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Turkey Problem

My first Christmas with the family I created was supposed to be perfect.  My husband and I had just purchased our home and had our first daughter; we were beyond excited to start our own family traditions.  We picked out decorations, put up our first tree, and transformed our home into our own little North Pole.  Everything had to be perfect, so I spent all night cleaning in preparation to host our first family Christmas… and forgot to sleep.

I had to get my turkey in the oven by noon, so when I realized at 9am that it was still frozen I started to panic.  I might not create the perfect Christmas!  I placed the turkey in the sink and left the water drizzling over it for 20 minutes, or so I thought.

I put my baby girl down for her morning nap and accidentally fell asleep with her.  Something finally stirred me awake: I had left the water running!  I got up to find that the weight of the turkey had shifted and plugged up the sink.  The water overflowed and my entire kitchen was flooded.

I started to cry.  I would not create the perfect Christmas.  I called my husband, who came home from work not so much to help clean up the flood in the kitchen but to help with my flood of tears.  “You think, now, maybe, you can let go of the perfect Christmas?” He said with a hug.

I had overlooked all of the elements necessary for creating the perfect Christmas.  I had a safe home, a solid, healthy relationship with my husband, and a beautiful baby girl.  I had the kind of blessings some can only wish for.

I know exactly how fortunate I am.  I know that there are mommies and babies whose idea of the perfect Christmas has nothing to do with gifts, decorations, or turkeys.  For a family suffering with domestic violence a perfect Christmas is one where no one is hurt.

I volunteer with A Woman’s Place(AWP) because I recognize how fortunate I am to have only turkey problems.  I know there are many more of us out there that can express the same sort of gratitude for the simplicity of our problems.  In recognition and appreciation of this, it’s important to give back.  Please consider volunteering or donating to show your support for those affected by Domestic Violence.  Then, maybe, forget the turkey and pick up a ham.

Erin Pirog
AWP Volunteer

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