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“Domestic violence.  Mass murder.  I think the two terms evoke two very different images and perceptions from most people.  I doubt that many people understand that the two are connected in an alarming amount of cases.  Those of us that are safe in our homes have an attitude of “not my problem,” which is clearly false.  If a person is violent within their homes, with the people they love, how can anyone imagine that they are safe having the company of these people within their community?  This case, like so many others, has brought the devastating consequences of familial violence to all of our doorsteps.”
– Erin, Volunteer at A Woman’s Place
“I could not help but think about my fellow town neighbors and friends that were less afraid of the stranger in fatigues than someone in their own home.  Victims of domestic violence live in a state of vulnerable fear every day.  Reaching out for help from domestic violence is one of the most dangerous and brave things a victim can do.  Victims often do this without familial or financial support.  A Woman’s Place is the only domestic violence organization in Bucks County.”
– Ann Tyson-Ciliberto, Director of The Empowerment Project at A Woman’s Place
“How does this happen?  How did he THINK this would play out?  What happens to those poor little girls who now have to live without their mother or their father?  Their last memories of either [parent] being very frightful.  Why does someone being treated for PTSD have weapons?  If the ex-wife was frequently telling people that she knew he would kill her one day, why and how has the system failed her and her family?  How has the system failed him?  I’m a fixer.  I want to fix these problems, these cracks in the system.  How do we prevent this in the future?”
– Chris, Volunteer at A Woman’s Place

These are just a few of the reactions we received after the recent murders/suicide in Montgomery County. Please share yours with us in the comment section below.

A Woman’s Place (AWP) has a 24/7 hotline, 800.220.8116, that is free, private, and confidential please contact us if you or someone you know needs help.

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