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The Day That I…

The other day I did the thing where I mentally scrolled through my jumbled schedule, trying to weed through the days to find October 11.  When I found it, I pinned the event: A Woman’s Place (AWP) 5th Annual Race to Empower.

While excited to run for a great cause and to celebrate the first few glimpses of fall, I also had one of those moments where I couldn’t really wrap my brain around how I could have any impact on an issue that feels so much bigger than me.

Ok so, when this happens  (which is often) – framing things helps. Like, A LOT.

In an effort to contextualize the human impact of the October 11 Race to Empower, I figured I’d use myself as a guinea pig.  So here goes:

Today I will sign up for the Race to Empower.

In the time it will take me to register for the AWP 5K race (about 10 minutes), 240 people will experience abuse from their intimate partners in America.

The day that I try a “test run” for the 5K and text three loved ones about the race, 41,277 adults will reach out for help due to domestic violence in our country.

The day that I roll out of bed to run 5K Race to Empower, more than three women in America will be murdered by intimate partners.

The day that I remind myself “it’s the final stretch, almost done this 5K”, 23,000 will seek emergency shelter and 4,031 will be turned away because there is no room for them.

The day that I hug and hi-five everyone involved in supporting, cheering, running and walking for the Race to Empower, 3 children will die as a result of abuse.

These statistics don’t just apply to October 11th, they are statistics for every day of every year.  All 365 of them.  So, for any and every day that you choose to support the effort to stop the cycle of abuse, you can trust that your impact can help shrink these startling numbers.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  It’s perfect timing to get this month started on the right foot (pun intended) !

So click here! Register!

Hope to see all your shining faces at the Race to Empower!

AWP Volunteer

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