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Declaring My “Independency”

Several weeks ago I was interviewing a potential employee when, in the course of conversation, she used the word “independency.” The voice in my head distractedly asked, “Did she say independency? Is that a word?” I chalked it up to a simple mistake of nerves and then refocused on my candidate. Except, she used it two more times.

Low and behold, you can find independency in Dictionary.com. Score one for learning something new. Still, I found myself distracted by the substitution of independency for independence. (“My favorite supervisor respected my desire for independency.”  Or, “My independency is very important to me in a professional setting.”)

The other day, as I vacationed on the beach in North Carolina, the idea of independency crept back into my brain. The warmth of the sun lay like a blanket over my back while the cool of the ocean breeze rolled in over me. With my book casually pushed to the side to make room for a quick nap, I felt on top of the world. I was at peace and could feel my energy meter climbing back to a level where I can take on and face anything with courage and joy. I confess, I literally giggled and thought, “I’m declaring my independency.”

Here’s the thing people – it is in those moments when you are rested, at peace, embracing the fact that the world in bigger than any one of us and filled with wonder (the sun, the breeze, the joy and laughter of happy kids, Duck Donuts) that you can let go and truly imagine possibilities. You can set your mind free to picture what you want to accomplish, the impact that you want to have on the world and really go for it… without being strapped and weighted down by specificities about how it should happen. There are a million different paths that we can take on our journeys. When someone or something throws a roadblock in your path, step around it or over it or just take another path. Wrap yourself in a cloak of wonder, declare your independency, and march on!

(And in my case, I’m doing it #LikeAGirl!)

Ifeoma U. Aduba
Executive Director


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