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The Trinity Concept

I’ve had the pleasure of spending the last several days vacationing with my family at the beach. No alarm clocks. No rushing to the office or school. No packing lunches. Not a care in the world. One of my biggest challenges is being able to actually clear work out of my head. In my defense, I did just read in The Daily Stat, a publication put out by Harvard Business Review, that nearly 1 in 10 employees bring work home. Clearly, I’m in good company. As I’ve been relaxing, thoughts of program planning and effective implementation strategies (my version of “sugarplums”) have been dancing in my head. One of my greatest joys is being able to take the morning slowly. I like to slowly get out of bed. I like to enjoy the quiet and not rush into conversation. I like to not think about what has to happen but to just ease into the day. This can be challenging when you vacation with your mother and your two kids. Here’s the vacation routine. I wake up, but quietly hide in my room so everyone thinks I’m asleep. This doesn’t slow them down forever, but on a really good morning I can sneak in an hour of alone time. Once the troops realize that I am not sleeping it is best to get up and address the matter of breakfast which can be eaten slowly because it’s vacation. Unless, you have a Trinity. Trinity is happy, bright, and energetic. She is eager to take in each and every day – especially when we are on vacation. As I am eating my breakfast at vacation speed, she inevitably shoves her last bite in her mouth and, mid-chew, turns and excitedly asks, “What are we doing next?” Excitedly asking “What are we doing next?” That is what is missing. Imagine sitting in a room full of happy, bright, and energetic colleagues and asking with excitement, “What are we doing next?” We are living and working in a time when it is easy to be distracted or deterred by “challenges” or “downturns.” “Reality” can easily distract and dismay, leaving each of us feeling like we can’t achieve, can’t expect good things, and are just victims of the negative environment around us. Put all of that in a room together and nobody asks “What are we doing next?” because everyone is wondering why they bothered to get out of bed. I’ve been reading The Pollyanna Principles by Hildy Gottlieb. It’s a breath of inspiration-filled fresh air. The principles remind us that each and every one of us is creating the future, every day, whether we do so consciously or not. So why not choose to do so consciously? We ultimately accomplish what we hold ourselves accountable for, so why not hold ourselves accountable for a better future? And so, The Trinity Concept is born. The Trinity Concept is how I will approach each day. I will surround myself with happy, bright, and energetic colleagues who excitedly ask, “What are we doing next?” as we create the future through transformational change and accomplish what we hold ourselves accountable for.

Ifeoma Aduba, AWP Associate Director

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