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The Writer’s Block

As a former High School and Middle School teacher, nearly life-long Bucks County resident, and believer in the power of woman, The Empowerment Project workshop series The Writer’s Block speaks to me.  My name is Stacey Metzler, and I am excited to be volunteering and co-facilitating this group with Michelle Danella, a Creative Writing student at West Chester, for A Woman’s Place (AWP). The collaborative series of exploration, healing, and growth begins on Wednesday, August 20th.

For inspiration we were told about a poetry writing, “Where I Am From”, by a  young woman, Emily Bailin, who shared it at a recent TEDx talk at Solebury School, in Bucks County. Ihave also found journaling very helpful in my life’s journey, especially in rough times. Journaling really aids personal exploration. We don’t want to do just any-old-journal though, so we found more inspiration at Hanna’s Crafts Art Journaling, and thought it would be fun, creative, and a unique way to express ourselves. Honestly, this workshop will be driven by the participants. We just had a few ideas. Please join us and help yourself and this fun workshop flourish!

If you are a teen and interested, and we hope you are, The Empowerment Project creates the conditions and builds the skills needed to strengthen individuals and communities so that they may flourish. The Writer’s Block is where teens come together with a spirit of community and make connections, while allowing the gentle spirit of writing to heal hurt, articulate dreams, and guide us to writing the future we imagine for ourselves. This group will meet the third Wednesday of every month, at Delaware Valley College, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Meetings will begin on August 20, 2014. For more information and/or to join this or another group, please contact Director of The Empowerment Project Ann Ciliberto at 214.323.9241 x114 or via email at aciliberto@awomansplace.org.

Stacey Metzler
AWP Volunteer and The Writer’s Block Co-Facilitator

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