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Making Impressions

If you read my #LikeAGirl blog post last week, you know that I’m paying more attention to what I do throughout my day #LikeAGirl. I’ll be honest. This post was going in a decidedly different direction (that I’ll pick up next week) until…my Snack Incident.

#LikeAGirl, I like to be happy at work. Therefore, I keep a Princess Leia M&M dispenser in my office.

Today’s schedule included a rewarding morning meeting with other nonprofit executives, a meeting with a funder, conversation with a contractor in a storefront that will be the future home of AWP’s thrift shop, lots of paperwork, and a dinner with staff and board members from PANO and AWP.

Naturally, somewhere between checking emails and reviewing proposals for leadership coaching, I succumbed to the call of Princess Leia. Rather than simply turn the knob and treat myself to the 2 or 3 candies that would fall into my palm, I opted for efficiency. Pull off the lid, shake a dozen or so into my hand. Until….

I start to pull off the lid, the dispenser slips, and I rush to save my happiness by catching the M&Ms with the front of my shirt. Yep. Chocolate mashed into the front of my shirt.

I assure you – the staff and board members of both PANO and AWP are genuinely fabulous people. They are smart, kind, funny, and forgiving. Still, what impression would I leave if I walked in with chocolate all down my belly?

#LikeAGirl, I thought fast on my feet. There was just enough time to jump into the car, make a Kohl’s run, and pick up a new top. Meetings complete. Emails sent. Checks signed. Architectural plans underway. And, #LikeAGirl, impression saved by a clean shirt.

As a woman in the workplace, I value my work product. It is important to me that what I produce be top quality. I strive to be authentic and honest in my relationships and build relationships solidified by trust. I attempt to bring humor to the workplace so that those I partner with through challenges and struggle know tat we can also laugh together. I recognize that even science says that chocolate makes people happy, so I welcome science (and chocolate) into the office. I do all this #LikeAGirl.

At the same time,#LikeAGirl, I recognize the importance of making a good impression and tonight, I did so in a clean, chocolate-free shirt.

Ifeoma U. Aduba
Executive Director

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