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A Problem…In Perfect

What would you give up to be perfect?


Is really just a solution
in need of a reason to exist.
If you think about it,


would be kind of boring
if it were completely free

of friction. Each day


choices. Turn this way, it’s
a downhill coast. Turn that
way, you will stumble across


Some are easily conquered.
Some require intelligence,
will, and perseverance.


To win is to prosper.
The game is defeating doubt.

And the fun is in the game.”

Kudos to Ellen Hopkins for taking pen to paper and crafting Perfect, just one of her bestselling books for young adults. You answer the question. What would you give up to be perfect? This poetically startling novel challenges us to consider the truths about growing up and into our own selves. With or without the text, the question arises daily for teens, so let’s get together and talk about it.

Youth Picks Book Club is just one of the programs of The Empowerment Project of A Woman’s Place (AWP). It’s an opportunity for teens to feel the power of belonging, respect, and leadership – and pick what they read!

Know a teen? Invite them to join us. It’s easy – email Ann Ciliberto at aciliberto@awomansplace.org or call 215.343.9241 x114 and make your Youth Picks today!


Ifeoma U. Aduba
Executive Director

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