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Some Words from a Sage

I am 80 years young. At the time of my 40th birthday, I commented to my 87 year old father that I was getting old, he replied, “You’re just a baby, and don’t ever forget…always keep moving”.  I have never forgotten that advice.  I also haven’t forgotten advice from the Tai Chi instructor who told my class about 10 years ago that as we age, we tend to be fearful about our balance and it affects our walk, that we begin to shuffle, when we should be stepping out instead. I immediately put that advice into practice, now I stride when I walk.  You may even see me walking in Doylestown that way, head up, and purposeful. As to walking, I do it daily with whatever dog I am fostering from the American Bulldog Rescue.  It restores the rescue dogs to health and I benefit too.

I have had my share of adversity and health issues and I now come to the advice that has impacted my life the most. Many years ago I read a newspaper article by a journalist honoring his grandfather, who had just passed away at an advanced age. He idolized this grandfather, whose own relationships with his daughters had not been so great, as he told his grandson “they were defeated by life”. In going through his things, he found tucked in his wallet these words:

Think of yourself as strong and well.
Deny the adverse.
Never give up, never give up, never give up.
Love God, love life, love people.

I try to live that way. What a gift this grandfather gave to his grandson, and his grandson paid it forward. I’m paying it forward too, and so is A Woman’s Place (AWP). Their services and programs are critical to our community. They not only help during adverse times, they also help both young, and well, not so young to flourish, and never, never, never give up.

These bits of advice I have learned over my 80+ years have served me well, and I hope they will you too.

Love, Mary
AWP Donor

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