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Reflecting on the Power of We

Imagine you are feeling run down. You are tired, congested, achy, and just exhausted. Your body is in pain. The more your body feels compromised, so does your spirit. You can imagine just staying in bed forever and not caring if you ever get up again. You just know that it is you against the world and there is just no fight left.

Not one to completely ignore an obligation, you drag yourself out of bed and determine that you must attend a couple of work functions that you commited to. You’ll just push yourself through and then retreat to the bed once you’re done… or so you think.

Instead, you find yourself re-energized by an infusion of hope and inspiration. Thecobwebs of fatigue are cleared by the melodic sound of possibility sung by a chorus of thoughtful and passionate voices united in creating the future. Not just any future – the future we all imagine is possible.

I offer a heartfelt and sincere thank you to PANO (Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations) and partner Creating the Future for The Power of We: Building Trust, Relationships & Shared Vision, a wonderful, two-day conference experience. Two days of exploring new ideas, sharing stories, building genuine connections, and mapping paths to dreams. As I moved from session to session and plenary to plenary, it became overwhelming evident that the wisdom was in the room. I was surround by colleagues, peers, friends, and community partners building a shared vision of thriving and flourishing communities.

The Power of We is that anything is possible. Together we have more than enough resources, we bring out the best in each other, and we support one another. Together, we change the questions and, with that, we change the future.


Ifeoma U. Aduba
Executive Director


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