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You’re My Neighbor

It’s Volunteer Appreciation Month and we at A Woman’s Place (AWP) are extremely grateful for all our volunteers. We envision a society where all individuals are safe in their relationships and can flourish, and our dedicated volunteers are essential in helping to achieve that end goal.

I want to personally say thank you to our volunteers for being “good neighbors”. Generally speaking, a neighbor (n,) is a person living near or next door to the speaker or person referred to.  We see them every day. Some we’ve built close personal relationships with and welcome them into our homes while others we don’t even know what they do or how they spend their time.

I can tell you that I know what some of your neighbors are doing…they are volunteering. They step outside their private structure of safety to assist a neighbor in crisis, an organization in need. Volunteers understand that you don’t have to share a fence in order to be considered a neighbor. Good neighbors extend a helping hand beyond those people who live on their block. Neighbors are the community in which they live.

Spanish novelist, Miguel de Unamuno once said, “Your neighbor’s vision is as true for him as your own vision is true for you.” Remember, when we are given the chance to dream, the possibilities are endless. Together we can  realize the vision of a society where all individuals are safe in their relationships and can flourish.


Lisa Armstrong
Volunteer & Membership Manager

P.S. Check out our blog each Sunday this month as we highlight some of our milestone volunteers!

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