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Do Grades Really Matter?

Nobody will be surprised to learn that I took school seriously as a child. In addition to ageneral curiosity, I saw it as a tool for achievement. If I wanted to go out into the world and have an impact, doing well in school would help me get there. Good grades… would get me to a good college (Mount Holyoke College)… would get me to a good life and living.

So when I see a headline that Pennsylvania has earned a D- in gender equality, my heart sinks.

Smart Politics, a political analysis organization, has released a study grading states based on gender equality in the U.S. House. Pennsylvania? Not so good. The hopeful news is that a record number of women are running for House seats in 2014, so perhaps we’ll see a shift.

People have always debated whether or not grades really matter. (I know I did when I struggled through Calculus 2 and literally would have scored higher on a test if I had just answered “C” to every question.) They may not mean everything, but they can at least serve as a warning that we may need to focus our attention on a particular area that has room for improvement. Pennsylvania – there seems to be room for improvement in the area of gender equality.

March is National Women’s History Month and this year we are Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment. There are lots of women of character, courage, and commitment that would lead us well in the U.S. House.

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Ifeoma U. Aduba
Executive Director

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