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A Shooting Star

I’ve only seen a shooting star once.  I caught the tail end of it disappearing into the night sky so fast that I didn’t even have time to make a wish on it.  Yet in my memory, I can vividly see that beautiful star sailing gracefully across the endless darkness.  It was as if time slowed down for me so that I could capture that instance of something truly spectacular.

As we continue to celebrate National Women’s History Month, and Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment I wanted to write about a woman who has been invaluable to me since I was hired as the Managing Attorney at A Womans Place (AWP). Her name is Meg Groff, and she is a long time supporter and consultant attorney to AWP.

Last year I watched Meg do what she’s done her entire life, fight for justice.  We were at the courthouse for a criminal trial where our client was the victim and lead witness. I took a seat next to our client who was happy to have the moral support.  Meg on the other hand was busy making her way through the groups of criminal attorneys and law enforcement convening in the hallway so that she could advocate and offer assistance to the prosecutor on the case.  That’s Meg in a nutshell: never sitting down.

I quickly lost sight of Meg’s small stature and curly red hair amidst the crowd, but my memory of that moment always plays back to me in slow motion.  For me, watching Meg make her way through the crowd that day was symbolic of her inexorable commitment to activism and social justice.  If there is anyone who affirms my belief in being the change you want to see in the world, its Meg.  Just like the shooting star, I didn’t have to see much of Meg that day to know that I was in the presence of something awe-inspiring. Meg Groff is a woman of great character, amazing courage, and deep commitment.


Lauren Bucksner
Managing Attorney

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