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Aretha Franklin has turned the words of Otis Redding’s Respect into a declaration of a strong and confident woman demanding her partner respect her. There is no question, that is what she insists upon to make the relationship work.

Respect is the foundation of any relationship – platonic, familial, or romantic. A Woman’s Place (AWP) deems respect so important that it is one of the five values that everything we do as an organization is rooted in and guided by.

The National Youth Advisory Board (NYAB) of Loveisrespect (LIR), a national organization that provides support to young individuals who want to prevent and end dating violence, created Respect Week as a special way for young people to raise awareness of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM).

Respect Week 2014 is February 10 – 14, and there are plenty of ways that you can get involved, like this:

Wear Orange 4 Love

  • Wear orange on February 11th in honor of TDVAM to promote respect and healthy relationships. You can wear orange shirts, nail polish, hats, scarves, ribbons, hair ties/bows, sneakers, socks, jewelry, rubber bands in your braces, or anything else you can think of.
  • Ask your friends to do the same by talking to them and using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Post photos of you and your friends wearing orange on your social networking pages. Remember to use the hashtags #orange4love, #RespectWeek2014, #teenDVmonth, and #AWPbucks. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook (A Woman’s Place) and on Twitter (@AWPbucks).

There a many more ways to get involved. For more information, visit http://www.loveisrespect.org/teenDVmonth. You DO have a voice – so use it to take action! Help promote respect week and spread the word that “love has many definitions, but abuse isn’t one of them!”

Aretha finished the line “R-E-S-P-E-C-T,” with “find out what it means to me!”


Respect: A Woman’s Place is considerate and honors the worth and dignity of all beings and resources.

Jenny Salisbury
Director of Public Advocacy

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