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A Show of Purple….

On Monday, June 20th we put out a request asking our supporters, via social media (Facebook and Twitter) to wear Purple on Tuesday, June 21st to show support for A Woman’s Place (AWP).  Some of the staff at AWP joined in and posed for pictures with the word they selected that represented what  they felt connected the  goals of our Transforming Together Campaign and  A Woman’s Place.

Development Director Jenny Salisbury chose COMPASSION and Community Educator Angela Hiller chose HOPE. “Through a great transformation we as a society will find COMPASSION and HOPE.”

Director of Services Linda Thomas chose EMPOWERMENT and Education and Training Manager chose LIFE. “Transforming Together to EMPOWER individuals to reclaim their LIVES!”

Data Manager Christy Heine chose GROWTH and Development Assistant Jackie Hartzell chose CHANGE. “Together we can Transform with  CHANGE of attitudes and perceptions and from the change we  will GROW to be a better society in which all individuals are safe.”

Community Educator Nicole Rinier chose EQUALITY, Community Educator Christine Ferrante chose PEACE and Older Adult Advocate Sarah James chose ACCESS. “By transforming together our hope is to provide access to peace and equality for all.”

Executive Director Donna Byrne chose DETERMINATION. “With DETERMINATION we can transform our community to one that:

  1. Enhances safety for victims, families, and communities;
  2. Secures justice for victims;
  3. Engages the community and builds its capacity to respond to and prevent domestic abuse and violence; and,
  4. Work to change institutions, systems, and individual practices that condone and perpetuate violence and abuse.

AWP Transforming Together!!!!!

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