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Unleashing Equality

I have to say, I was at a loss about what I wanted to write for the August 25th blog.  So, I searched the web for something meaningful that speaks about the empowerment of women. Aahh, guess what falls on August 25th? Give up?  It’s National Go Topless Day !  Right? Who knew! National Go Topless Day signifies a woman’s right to gender equality. Heck, if a man can bare his chest, why can’t I?  Don’t gasp, you will not catch me baring my breasts in order to advocate for equality (trust me, it’s a good thing)!

Throughout the Women’s Movement, women from around the world continue on our long journey for basic human rights and gender equality. With dignity and pride we meet as sisters to organize sit-ins and strikes and cheer those who speak out against injustices on Capitol Hill.  What I love about being a part of A Woman’s Place, is that we are part of the journey to equality where every woman is on the road to flourishing.

The road is long, but it has an end. One day we will live in a society where domestic violence does not exist. I am sure when we get to the last exit on our journey; you just might see me baring it all! Wait, but it has to happen soon because gravity is not my friend!


Equality: A Woman’s Place believes each and every one of us must collaborate to create a new society based in equal power and rights.*
*excerpt from the
Values Statement of A Woman’s Place

Lisa Armstrong
Volunteer & Membership Manager

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