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Put Down Your Phone

We’ve all done it. We’re supposed to be eating lunch with a friend, supposed to be listening in class, supposed to be driving and what are we doing? We’re on our cell phones. As much as most of us would love to deny it, our cell phones have made us ruder and less aware of our surroundings. We’re addicted to our gadgets and it’s gotten out of control. While texting during inappropriate times is one rude behavior, I’m sure there are plenty of others that we could all complain about.

July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, created to encourage everyone to use their cell phones in an appropriate manner. This means putting down the phone when eating or talking to someone, being mindful of the people around you when you talk on your cellphone (i.e. not yelling into your phone for everyone to hear), refusing to text and drive, etc.

I’ve been a teen volunteer for A Woman’s Place (AWP) for two years now. My volunteering has for the most part consisted of being a member of  YAAB (Young Adult Advisory Board) and raising awareness for AWP through tabling events. I’ve definitely seen some rude cell phone behavior while volunteering and I admit that I’ve occasionally engaged in it myself. But no more!

So how about using our cell phones for good?  AWP has a recycling program for your used cell phones and toner cartridges. You not only help the environment but the recycling of those unwanted devices also helps fund AWP’s services. That’s what I call the definition of courtesy.

Basically, just use some common sense when it comes to your cell phone and use some discretion.  AWP believes everyone deserves the respect and consideration of others. Starting this month show your respect by changing your cell phone bad habits.


Respect: A Woman’s Place is considerate and honors the worth and
dignity of all beings and resources.

*excerpt from the Values Statement of A Woman’s Place

Tori Deck
AWP Teen Volunteer & Solebury School Junior

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