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The Green Queen

I’ve earned myself a bit of a reputation over the years.  It’s not a bad one.  I’d even venture to say it’s a good one.  I mean, at least I’m not “The Crazy Cat Lady” (oddly enough, my brother is), or the “The Mad Revisionist” (one of my esteemed colleagues has already claimed this one).  I am “The Green Queen”.

My dad crowned me “The Green Queen” when I asked if his printing company had a spare “Think Green!” sign I could hang at work.  The sign has since vanished in a recent office shuffle, but I am still THAT girl.  Encouraging my officemates (much to their annoyance, I’m sure) to reuse scrap paper.  Carpooling – or better yet, walking – when I can. I’m excited that today, April 22, 2013, is Earth Day. I’ve been looking forward to it for a few reasons.

When Gaylord Nelson first proposed Earth Day in 1970, a very cool thing happened.  He inspired Americans – Republicans and Democrats, farmers and business leaders – to put aside their differences in support of a common cause.  In 1990, the holiday went global as people in 141 countries took one day to stand up for, honor, and respect Mother Earth.   Here’s one of those less obvious reasons I like Earth Day: it mobilizes people, no matter who they are or what they believe in, to respect our one shared planet.  Here at  A Woman’s Place (AWP), we believe that respect is one of the keys to creating a flourishing world.  Respect for ourselves, respect for others, and respect for the world we all live in.

Take a minute to show you care about Mother Earth – recycle a can, pick up litter, plant a tree.  Maybe you got your “Earth Day Groove On” Saturday with The Mango Men at Doylestown’s Central Park.   No plans next Saturday?  Take part in the Earth Day Celebration at Langhorne’s Core Creek Park.  And hey, if you’re in Seattle stop by the Latona Pub, where Earth Day tradition has them serving only beers that have been delivered using “people power”.  You don’t have to singlehandedly try to save the rainforest, like this guy, to be an environmental hero.  Follow the wise words of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and see what happens:

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

Embrace your inner “Green Queen” (or King)!

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