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A Bit of Brotherly (and Sisterly) Love

Saturday, March 23, 2013 I had the honor of witnessing an exchange of love in Rittenhouse Square in the city of Brotherly Love. My brother and now sister-in-law exchanged their vows in a Quaker ceremony surrounded by friends and family and of course the park’s many performers, city dwellers, and tourists. The ceremony had an incredible sincerity that made it truly touching to watch and their vows spoke of the journeys they both took to arrive at this day that was uniting them in marriage.

Standing there that day, I realized how truly blessed I was as a sister. With National Sibling’s Day being celebrated this past Wednesday, I thought it would be a great time to let my brothers (and now sisters) know how lucky I feel to have them in my life.

Growing up, I was the youngest of five siblings, with four older brothers standing watch over me. Most of my best memories are those spent with these four great men who have taught me so much and shaped who I am in so many ways. Now that we’re older, and we’ve gotten past the stages of yelling and fighting I have them both as my brothers, as well as my friends and confidants.

What’s grown most between us as we’ve gotten older is the amount of respect we share for one another. We’ve seen one another through all of life’s challenges and triumphs and have been there to help support and strengthen one another. This is something that I have been lucky enough to see in my family life at home, as well as in my family at work.  A Woman’s Place (AWP) has had many struggles recently, but as we continue to work through them one of our guiding values, respect, inspires us to be considerate and honor the worth and dignity of all beings.

If you are also fortunate to have sibling(s) take a moment to share with them what they mean to you.

Christy Heine
Data Manager

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