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Going through ones day involves multi-tasking and juggling our lives through a myriad of responsibilities. It doesn’t really matter whether it involves sending children off to school, finalizing home front details, or heading out the door to work with coffee in hand to face the day. Ultimately, we will face challenges, some hurdles that need to be crossed, hopefully have some laughs along the way and some opportunities to have fun with family and friends. Experiencing supportive work and family relationships help to develop our sense of worth and strengthens our wellbeing. Having an everyday environment of give and take coupled with shared responsibilities create a positive influence in our lives.

Respecting each other in our actions and communication is essential.

Definitions of Respect include: willingness to show consideration and being regarded with Honor and Esteem….

So, we have to take inventory and look at how we view ourselves and consider whether we first have a healthy self-regard.

A strong self-esteem does not accept:
Belittling…Dishonesty…Controlling Behavior…Shaming…Words that hurt…

All relationships involve two people who will sometimes agree and disagree. Are you surrounding yourself with individuals who make you a better person? Learning to value yourself enough to set boundaries of respectful behaviors takes time, awareness and practice. We are products of our environment.

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

Watch your words, for they become are actions.

Watch your actions, for they become habits.

Watch your habits, for they become character.

Watch your character, for they become your destiny”

~ Frank Law

Cherie Watts

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