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Celebrating Donna

Donna J. Byrne will likely tell you that I drove her nuts. (Some of you would probably sympathetically nod and mumble something to the effect of “Yeah, Ify can make you crazy.”) I am selfishly choosing to believe that there was something positive in the relationship for her… because it was great for me.

Donna J. Byrne….

Made me laugh.
Made me cry.
Made me sing.
Made me think.
Comforted me.
Challenged me.
Pushed me.
Encouraged me.
Gave me space to grow
Created opportunities for me.
Taught me.
Led me.
Told me I could be a leader.
Supported me learning.
Believed in me as a staff member, woman, mother, and person.
Told me to dream.
Wished me well.
Wished me some excitement and fun.
Let me rest.Made my life better.
Made the lives of my daughters better.
Made my world better.

Donna J. Byrne lived and breathed her work. Her commitment to improving the lives of women and girls and the community as a whole was not a job – it was and is and will likely always be a life. If there was ever someone you wanted on your side, on your team, fighting for you, standing by you… it was and is Donna.

Tomorrow night, the Bucks County Women’s History Award will be presented to Donna J. Byrne. It is truly an honor to have stood with Donna and I can say with absolute certainty that I would not be who I am and where I am today if not for Donna J. Byrne. It has been a true privilege and I am thrilled to celebrate Donna… even though she’ll likely tell you I drove her nuts.


Ifeoma U. Aduba
Executive Director

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