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Watch Me

This is dedicated to a dear friend who I will call K93.

K93 is one of the good guys. (He doesn’t know that I’m writing this so I’ve given him a code name and if he cracks it, here’s hoping he’s good enough to forgive me for not asking permission in advance.)

Anyway, K93 is one of the good guys. Not in that way that turns some ladies off. (Yes ladies, you know who we are.) He’s edgy enough to talk some trash, sure enough of himself to make a bold statement, and has been known to take a dare or two. He has also taken my whiny call on occasion – and come through.

Me: Hey. It’s me… and I know I’m interrupting your work day for what is an admittedly selfish reason, but I need you to let me do it.

K93: OK.

Me: I’m kind of on the ledge. Work is rough. Not just ‘I’ll try again tomorrow’ rough. More “Why did I think I could or should do this?” rough. And now I’m sitting in my car in traffic that would rival the 405 in Los Angeles and I’m 20 minutes late to pick up my kid and get her to the concert that she called to remind me about a gabillion times and I swore I would get her to. Yep – I’m officially Bad Mom. And the voices are swirling and I really want to know who had the bright idea that women should have it all. Honestly, today would have been easier if I had just cleaned the house, cooked dinner, put on a pretty dress, and greeted my husband at the door with the newspaper and a smile. Instead I got too little sleep, shoved my kids out the door, overworked without accomplishing enough, and when I wanted to call my husband to say I was running late and ask if he could help out I remembered I was divorced, and I’m not sure I can do this. I just need a different voice. I need a different voice to tell me it will all be fine and I can do this.

K93: Is that all?

Me: Yes.

K93: OK. (Hear this in a calming, deep voice with a timbre that instills a sense of security.) I know things are a little rough right now. You are smart and capable and a good mother. You can do all of this. You are the best person to do this. I’m going to send you something (see photo above).

Me: Thank you.

So, in honor of the reassuring words of K93 and his perfectly-timed reminder that I can achieve all that I take on, I share this message with anyone who might need it and have this to say to the doubters…


Ifeoma Aduba
Executive Director

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