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Be the Good

This graphic showed up in my Facebook news feed one day and I thought, “I really love that.” (Though, Facebook really only lets you commit to liking something – love not yet an option.) So, I “liked” it.

Being good isn’t easy. Or, figuring out how to be good isn’t easy. There are tons of Google links. How’s a girl to know which link is the best one? I mean, if I’m going to Be The Good, I should follow the best directions, right?

Then there is the age-old question – What is good?

I once discussed the idea of heaven with a group of friends. One suggestion was that heaven was like going to a big stadium for a show and how good you are (or aren’t) will determine your seating. When I’m good, I get closer to front row seating. When I’m not so good, I get moved back and possibly have limited visibility.

One article I read cut through some of the leg work for me (Not Good Act – Leaving Work to Others) and listed 25 ways to be good. I think I could give myself a gold star for some, others may require the feedback of people around me, and still others I might need help with. I think I’m pretty good at (#1) trying to accept people with an open mind and (#5) accepting them for who they are. I’m fairly committed to (#8) telling them the truth, though it’s motivated by a combination of goodness and not having the energy to maintain a web of lies. I’d need to hear from people around me if I (#2) let them know how much I appreciate them or (#19) thank them for being themselves. I’ve tried to consciously (#23) forgive, although I am well aware that I am still struggling to do this consistently with one persistently problematic individual in my life. This may keep me out of that front row seating in heaven.

Here’s the bottom line (in my opinion). You know. I know and you know. And I know you know that I know. I know when I’m good and when I’m not. If I ever have a question about whether or not I’m being good, I should probably pause and re-think my actions. Sitting back and watching others struggle leaves me with a terrible feeling in my stomach. Remaining silent when I should speak out is acquiescence. Not good. I’m also human, so I may unintentionally do something not so good. Then I have the opportunity to learn, apologize, make amends, and live to be the good another day.

The world is a beautiful place. It is filled with good people. There are opportunities for greatness that abound. We can and should all flourish. We just need to Be The Good and Believe There is Good in the World.

What do you do to be good?

Ifeoma Aduba
Executive Director

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