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I Dare You Not to Laugh

This works on my daughters every time. Nothing makes them laugh like mom daring them not to. When I follow it up with a smile and sly question, “Why are you laughing?” a big group belly laugh is guaranteed to follow.

Today, January 24, is Global Belly Laugh Day and I dare you to celebrate with me.

Trust me; this isn’t just my silly attempt to distract you from truly important things like world peace, equality, and justice. This is good for you. Laughter is, in fact, the best medicine. It spreads faster than the flu virus currently ravaging our region. It strengthens your immune system. It energizes you. It reduces stress. Perhaps most importantly, in a world divided and filled with individuals attempting to connect, laughter brings people together.

C’mon – laugh with me… and the rest of the world.

Have you had your daily dose of laughter today?

Ifeoma Aduba
Executive Director

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