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Deep Thoughts

On Sunday, December 30, I was in a pew at Doylestown United Methodist Church at 8:15 a.m. when Reverend Michael Murphy (Pastor Mike to all of us who know and love him) delivered his sermon on Simeon and Anna.

I admit, I still can’t tell you much about Simeon and Anna. That was not my particular takeaway from Sunday’s message. Mine was the call to live a D.E.E.P life.

D – Devote

E – Expect

E – Extol

P – Proclaim

There’s a New Year’s resolution if ever there was one – resolve to live a D.E.E.P life. I hereby make that resolution for AWP.  AWP will go D.E.E.P.

Devotion is defined as profound dedication; consecration. Devotion to something means that we understand its value and, therefore, dedicate time and energy to it. I am devoted to AWP. AWP is devoted to creating the future where all individuals can flourish.

To expect is to look forward to and anticipate the occurrence of something. Expectation moves past the uncertainty of hope. And when we expect something great – that future where all individuals can flourish – we recognize it when it happens. We don’t miss it… and I don’t want to miss anything in 2013.

Extol was a bold word choice, if for no other reason than its very rare usage. But it is sorely underused and does not get its due. To extol is to praise highly. In a society that is too willing to shame – maybe even revels in the shaming of others – we often see praise as a risk. It may go to our heads, cause us to rest on our laurels. But imagine the healing power that high praise and expressions of gratitude could have on each of our lives, individually and collectively.

Many of you may wish that the word proclaim had never been used within my presence, but I feel a giddy year of proclamation coming on. The work being done to end violence against women, the growing movement of committed allies, and the willingness to risk vulnerability to achieve possible greatness is so exciting that it’s impossible to keep it to myself. Watch out rooftops ‘cause I’ve got some proclaiming to do. I have no interest in keeping the good to myself when it needs to be shared with the world.

The work is good. The commitment is inspiring. Creating the future is exciting and energizing. To be submerged in such greatness is a gift so generous that I can barely scratch the surface of my gratitude. And the reward for living a D.E.E.P. life – the D.E.E.P. journey on the way to that future we envision – is just as awesome.

It’s guaranteed to change us. Guaranteed change.

Three cheers for going D.E.E.P. in 2013!

Are you willing to live a D.E.E.P. life?

Ifeoma Aduba
Executive Director

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